August 13, 2011

Rainy Saturday Afternoon

What a gray, rainy day!  It kind of makes me want to spend all day reading.

We got grocery shopping out of the way before the rain came.

Lunch was a special treat of falafel from Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan.

We each got a small falafel and loaded on the toppings (my favorite: baba ganoush, pickled beets, tzatziki, hot pepper sauce, roasted eggplant, pickles, pickled cauliflower and tahini), with an order of fries to share.

While we were there it started pouring, so we ran over to the used bookshop up the street to wait it out.  I can't just browse, so I ended up purchasing three books.

Which is convenient, because on a rainy day like today, I just want to spend all day reading.

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