August 25, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner: Huevos Rancheros

I love breakfast. I enjoy the meal (as in, waking up, making myself a cup of coffee and having something to eat while I read the news/emails) and I enjoy the food (as in, breakfast food! Pancakes, cereal, bagels, etc). I usually don't have time during the week to have more than a bowl of cereal/oatmeal or toast with peanut butter and some fruit. I'm not complaining, because I have a deep, devoted love of cereal, oatmeal and all things peanut butter-related.

However, for more complex breakfasts, like pancakes or eggs, I usually have to wait for the weekend. And when I can't wait for the weekend...brinner!!

Breakfast for dinner. Best invention ever. We actually had brinner twice this week - on Sunday we had blueberry pancakes and tonight: huevos rancheros!

MG whipped this up while I was at the gym - he reports that it was super quick and easy to make.  And I can happily report that it was delicious and filling and exactly what I was looking for.

Making the sauce, with fire-roasted tomatoes and green chiles.

He used this great recipe from Simply Recipes (minus cilantro, of course), seasoned some black beans with garlic powder, cumin and cayenne, and mashed up an avocado to go on the side. Also, props to him for cooking my eggs-over-easy *perfectly* (especially since they aren't his favorite way to eat them).

Key element.

Nothing like enjoying breakfast with the knowledge that in less than 12 hours, you get to enjoy it again. With a hot cup of coffee.

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