August 7, 2011

Dining Out: Surprise Brunch at Tabard Inn!

MG and I like to plan surprise dates for each other - in July, I took him on a surprise day trip to Annapolis. Today was his turn to surprise me, and he did!

We went to the Tabard Inn for brunch. The Tabard Inn is a lovely old hotel in Dupont Circle. It's still operational and also has a gorgeous dining room and lounge area on the first floor. The decor is all dark wood and antique knick-knacks - but in an old Victorian library sort of way, not in a chintzy grandma sort of way.

The Tabard Inn brunch is well-known in D.C. and MG had to make a reservation a month ago to make sure we got a table. I am so glad we did, because this was a seriously good brunch.

We started off enjoying the basket of breakfast breads they placed on the table - focaccia and little mini pineapple muffins.  So good! I had a cup of coffee, of course (there was a brief moment where I almost ordered a Bloody Mary, but decided I'd rather indulge in the food).

Everything on the menu looked fantastic and we had a hard time choosing. I was tempted to order the Cuban sandwich, but I reminded myself I'd be having plenty of the real thing in Miami in a few weeks, so I resisted. In the end MG went with the huevos rancheros on housemade corn tortillas with a side of applewood smoked bacon, and I had eggs benedict with Tasso ham (Hollandaise on the side) and a side of homefries.

I tried to take pictures, but it was dark in the dining room and I didn't want to disturb the other diners with the flash, so you'll have to imagine the colors on the plate :) 

We were both very happy with our decisions, although I must say, after trying MG's, I think I might have to order that next time. My eggs, however, were perfectly poached. The homefries were just the way I like them - big chunks of roasted potato with sauteed onions and just a few herbs...mmm! The portions were perfect, too. We were both full, but not overly stuffed (although MG did say that the side of bacon was probably unnecessary).

To make up for the poor food photo quality, I did get some lovely pictures of the Inn to share.

I took this picture and the next in the restroom because the art and the yellow walls were awesome. 

Is it weird to take pictures of a restaurant restroom? Maybe. What are you going to do about it?

The lobby of the Tabard Inn.

The stairs leading up to the guest rooms. 
I especially like the Three Penny Opera poster on the landing.

On the way home we passed some books someone had left out for people to take. I picked up four (I love books), including the Life of Pi and the Phantom Tollbooth. Fancy brunch + free books = Sunday FTW!

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