August 6, 2011

Dining Out: Loeb's Deli

Yesterday MG had a training in the city, so we decided to meet up for lunch at Loeb's Deli.  We've both been wanting to try it for a while, but it's only open during the work-week, and it's not really close to either of our offices.

MG and I love a good deli, and there aren't really too many options in D.C.  We were, however, quite pleased with Loeb's. MG ordered his usual deli meal - pastrami and corned beef on rye with brown mustard and a pickle and I had my Jewish classic - lox on a bagel (Loeb's calls this the "Garment District").

Overall, the meal was great.  The lox was fresh and tasty, and the sesame bagel was actually pretty good!  The platter was a little odd though.  I'm used to a lox platter consisting of tomato, red onion and capers, but there were no capers!  Instead it came with black olives.  You just can't have a truly great lox sandwich without capers.  But, that was really my only complaint, so I guess that's pretty small fries.  And, they had 20-oz Diet Ginger Ale, so I have to give the some points back for that.

My ginormous and delicious, if slightly odd, lox platter.

They had halvah! 
I loved this stuff as a kid, and MG's never tried it, so we got some to share as a treat later this week.

MG enjoyed his sandwich (although we both agreed that the meat wasn't as good as at Katz's.  But, really, where is it going to be as good as Katz's?)  We shared a small deli container of fruit salad, which was totally unnecessary given the size of the sandwiches.  I ended up walking back to the office because I was so stuffed after my meal. The fruit was very fresh and juicy, though, and had raspberries and pineapple and other "fancier" fruits that your standard fruit salad.

Classic and simple. With a pickle on the side.

We'll definitely be back once the weather cools to try their famous matzo ball soup (and perhaps a black and white cookie? Or two?)  All and all, if you're in the Farragut/McPherson Square at lunchtime during the week, Loeb's is an excellent deli lunch option.

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