August 19, 2011

Last Meal Cookout

We're off to have MG's wisdom teeth removed this morning (the freezer is stocked with ice cream.) In anticipation of a serious reduction in chewable foods in his diet, he decided he wanted to have burgers and corn on the cob as his “last meal,” so last night we cooked out. Except inside, because it was raining.

For budget reasons (and to clear out our freezer) we decided not to buy any meat this month. Luckily, we had two frozen hamburger patties and one hotdog leftover from a cookout we had in June, so this seemed like a good way to use them up. Beef burgers are a pretty rare treat for me (heh, rare) - usually I have veggie or salmon. MG also had been wanting to try out grilled sweet potato fries, so that went on the menu.

Although the burgers were by no means gourmet, we dressed them up with some grilled red onion, Hatch chile peppers, sharp cheddar and barbecue sauce. The result: quite tasty! Originally we were going to have them with English muffins, but ended up going “naked” since we had plenty of starch from the corn and potatoes.

With some of MG’s homemade refrigerator pickles on the side = one happy send-off for those third molars!

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