August 3, 2011

Gardens and Tweets and Pies, Oh My!

A couple of fun Cookies and Kale announcements before bed:

Our Balcony Garden is Famous (sort of)!
Check out the pictures of the Cookies and Kale balcony garden posted on Prince of Petworth blog last night!

The Twitter
Cookies and Kale now has a Twitter feed (@CookiesandKale) - if you're on Twitter you should follow, and if you're not on Twitter, well, that's fine too.  I'm still a little ambivalent about it, really, but that's what the kids are doing these days :) Look for updates about posts and other fun foodie things that I come across!

D.C. State Fair at Columbia Heights Day 2011
Finally, but possibly most importantly, if you are in the D.C. area and enjoy baking, growing and preserving, you should consider entering something in the D.C. State Fair 2011 Contests to be held at the 5th Annual Columbia Heights Day!  This year, Columbia Heights Day will be on Saturday, August 27 at the Harriet Tubman Elementary School Field (11th and Kenyon Sts. NW).  It's always a really fun time and a great way to support the Columbia Heights community!  There will be vendors, food, crafts, live music, a petting zoo, a cupcake eating competition, and the second annual D.C. State Fair booth!  I can't attend this year (boo) because I will be partying it up in Miami (yay), but MG is planning on entering a peach pie.

If you do decide to enter something, send pictures to and I'll post them here.  And even if you don't feel like competing, you should mark you calendar and plan to stop by the festival!  More info about Columbia Heights Day can be found here and info about the D.C. State Fair contests here.

A Few Shots From Columbia Heights Day 2010 and the D.C. State Fair Baking Competition
My entry in the cupcake competition: 
Lemon-Raspberry Cupcakes

My competition.

The pies.

MG's entry: Raspberry-Rhubarb Pie!

Being judgy.

Neither of us won, but we got to eat what we'd brought.
So in a way, we did win.

Some of our friends benefitted from our losses.

A satisfied consumer.

Happy Columbia Heights Day 2010!

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