September 2, 2011

I Wanna Go Back to Ohio State...

If you're not a Buckeye, you probably won't get the title reference. But that's ok. It's been quiet here in Cookies and Kale land this week. Since I was gone all weekend and we're leaving again today, meals have been pretty low-key affairs. Two nights ago I tried making a grilled cheddar, granny smith apple and peanut butter sandwich. I wasn't at all sure how it would turn out, but I love apples and peanut butter and I love apples and cheddar, so I thought I'd experiment. It wasn't terrible - it's really hard to go wrong with ooey-gooey melted cheese on good bread - but it also wasn't fantastic. Last night we decided to raid the cupboard and made tuna melts on half of a delicious bagel each (imported from New Jersey the last time we went up for a visit and held in the freezer for safekeeping).

Tonight we're heading to the airport to fly to my hometown of Columbus, OH for the long weekend. We've got tickets to the first OSU football game of the season (against the University of Akron) and I'm planning on having a wonderfully relaxing weekend of seeing friends, family and just generally enjoying being home! Although Columbus (and Ohio in general) sometimes gets a bad rap, it's actually a really fun city. When I was growing up and in college there there were lots of delicious and interesting restaurants, microbreweries and food shopping opportunities, and things have only gotten even better in the years since I moved away. I'm very excited to hit up some of my favorite spots (Block's Bagels, the North Market, Jeni's Ice Cream, the Dube) and try out some of the newer additions too (Dirty Frank's, Northstar Cafe).  There will be pictures! But most importantly...


Photo source: Cleveland Scene

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